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Our History
 V. A. Vanicek, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia, started Rhode Island Nurseries in 1895. He obtained his background in horticulture while working as a gardener for various forms of nobility. Today, over one hundred years later, the fourth generation of Vaniceks is continuing the heritage of this family-run wholesale nursery.

V. James Vanicek, Jr. (Jim) has transferred the business to his son, Bruce. Bruce is in charge of finances, shipping and plant production systems. Bruce’s wife Kelly worked at the nursery for ten years. She left the nursery before the birth of their third child to manage their home and take care of Ashley, Rachel and Kyle. She has continued their care while advocating for those affected by autism. Jesse Rodrigues, Jr., a second-generation employee, is the General Manager. Jesse is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations as well as related administrative responsibilities. The pleasant voice that answers the phone belongs to Bambi Roth-Nuki, our office manager and bookkeeper. She communicates with and takes care of the needs of our customers, vendors, and employees while making sure that all of the paperwork going in and out of the office does so smoothly and efficiently. We have many long-term valuable and dedicated employees.

Aquidneck Island offers a nursery fantastic advantages for growing plants. The ocean waters temper our climate so summertime temperatures are much cooler as the sea breeze kicks in off the water on warm days. This allows us to provide our customers with consistent, top-quality plant material year in and year out. Our specialty is Taxus, the backbone of the American landscape.

Our market encompasses all of New England, the mid-West, the Eastern Seaboard and Canada. In the mid-West we ship primarily to Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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